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Complex Exhibit 3

Complex Exhibit 3 perfectly ties a 1998 Document, which came about first in the context of Revelation 21:7 claim story tangibles, to a modern scientific chart (which came second).  The modern scientific chart was acquired randomly, in the fall of 1999; about a year after the 1998 Document came to be.  There are several indisputable ties between the modern scientific chart and the 1998 Document. The first ties to highlight are the June 29 date and the (((((((dog=god)))))) line, both found in the 1998 Document:


It can be seen on the chart below, that the June 29 date, along with Canis Major (the dog), are connected.  This provides an indisputable tie between the modern scientific chart and the 1998 Document.  This is shown by the orange line on the chart below.  One might argue this provides an indisputable perfect tie between the 1998 Document and everything on the chart, such as the truths pointed out in earlier and later exhibits.

Additionally, the June 29 date indisputably ties both the 1998 Document and the modern scientific chart to two eclipses in 2001...a total solar eclipse on the Summer Solstice (June 21) and a lunar eclipse on July 5.  These are represented by the yellow lines on the modern scientific chart below.  One can see that the dog is centered between the yellow eclipse lines.  The six and seven parentheses, on each side of (((((((dog=god)))))), in the 1998 Document, are thought, by the claimant, to represent these two eclipses (i.e. 6th/7th month).  An additional verification of a 1998 Document tie is that the two eclipses provide a near perfect "reverse mirror match" around Canis Major, when mirroring the 2000/2001 calendars, in the way described in the 1998 Document.

Modern Scientific Chart and 360 Clock:


Scripture, nearly 2,000 years old:

Revelation 22:16

New King James Version (NKJV)

"I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

It is noteworthy to mention that Star Sirius, at Canis Major's heart on the chart, is the brightest star (indicated by the Roman Numeral I).  Star Canopus, also shown on this section of the chart, is the second brightest star (indicated by the Roman Numeral II, although partially hidden by the orange line marker). 

A final truth, linking the celestial events mentioned, to both the 1998 Document and this modern scientific chart, is that December 31 is a perfect 180 degree line to June 29 on the chart, and December 21 is a perfect 180 degree line to June 21 on the chart.  Please refer to the diagram provided earlier in Complex Exhibit 1 for this consideration.  One could easily argue Complex Exhibit 1 is perfectly tied to Complex Exhibit 3 through the 1998 Document, as June 29 and December 31 are key dates in the writing, along with the topic of a 360 degree calendar.

Still a hypothesis, with no way of proving to-date, is the relation of Canis Major, Monoceros (the Unicorn), and Canis Minor (all three shown in this section of the chart) to the yellow eclipse lines.  There is not a way to prove the big dog/little dog positioning, in relation to the eclipse lines and the Unicorn, is symbolic of Revelation 21:7.  There probably won’t be a way to prove it, so it can remain something only something to consider.

Finally, it is also worthy to note the Star Clock of Destiny was a reference when documenting these celestial events.  In amateur video #11, Star Sirius and Star Canopus are seen in relation to these two eclipses on this second chart, which is part of the Revelation 21:7 claim evidence as well.