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The url could be interpreted to represent two distinct points, "from beginning to end," or the url could be interpreted as movement towards a point, "to begin the process of the ending."  Both interpretations are correct and intended.  Here you will find the important truths, from the beginning and end of a long story, on display.  This long story is claimed to be one-of-a-kind...a story foretold in Bible Scripture through Revelation Chapter Two, Chapter Three, and specifically at verse Revelation 21:7.   There is enough one-of-a-kind truth, on display here, to justify lengthy consideration.  There is enough related truth, not on display, to justify investigation.  To simply ignore the unique and remarkable truths, discovered and highlighted, would be an injustice to truth itself.  Therefore, an end process must begin to seek understanding and a conclusion.  The purpose of this web page is to present the most important truths for public consideration and to “begin the process of ending.”  Is it or isn't it Revelation 21:7?   Only truth and time will tell.   What else can? 


To determine potential validity of the topic at hand, a Revelation 21:7 claim, it is important to comprehend and understand the claim story and its elements, in terms of context.  The first tangible element, of the claim story, is a 1998 Document.  There is nothing to see or touch before this.  It is the tangible beginning.  The writing came to the claimant (me) in a vision, and it is unique in that the topic is the return of Christ and that it is presented in a short question and long answer format…a question posed to God, pertaining to the return of Christ, and an answer given by God.  The long answer includes an illustration of mirroring the 1998 and 1999 calendars, using December 25 as a break date, and the writing highlights significant dates, including lunar events.  The Sun and Moon are key elements of the writing as well.  In terms of the language and all the elements of the long answer, the 1998 Document presents itself, and potentially passes, as a real answer from God.  This truth puts the writing into a different category.  For how many writings qualify against the criteria just mentioned?  This truth also supports the theory of a 1998 Document “snake trail.”  A potential message from God is going to find its way into many hands.  Include the mirroring of the 1998/1999 calendars at December 25, with celestial events, and human nature does dictate there is a trail of “experts,” still silent on the topic.   The world waits, for each, to share their thoughts and conclusions about the 1998 Document.

What then, determines whether a potential message from God is a real message from God?   There must be something one can point to…a truth or verification, which gives the 1998 Document credibility.  It turns out there are many of these.   The first major validations were seen in June and July 2001.  They are outlined in Exhibit 3, linked above.  These are truly amazing verifications, when considering the context truth of the story.  First, there was a standalone 1998 Document…a potential message from God needing some proof or validity.   About a year later, the source of the 1998 Document was led to the charts shown in Exhibit 3.  When considering the truths about where the charts were found and the randomness of their acquisition, there is really no logical explanation, other than being “led to the charts.”   The laws of coincidence come with common sense parameters.  Each chart provided at least one significant verification of the 1998 Document, and each chart, to this day, has continued to be a key element of the claim evidence.  Roughly two years after acquiring the charts, in the summer of 2001, two eclipses can be indisputably connected to these independent elements… the 1998 Document and the charts.  One of the eclipses is a rare total eclipse on a Solstice, and it is also the first solar eclipse of the third millennium.  

By the summer of 2001, a 1998 Document, a potential message from God, had received verifications through two eclipses and two charts randomly acquired in 1999.  The enormity of this validation, to real science and celestial events, leads to many others.  Important, subsequent validations are outlined (respectively) in Exhibit 4, Exhibit 2, and Exhibit 1, all linked above.

To Ponder...

Where has such truth been shown before?

Why is the source of the 1998 Document also the source of the many truths outlined in the exhibits linked above?  If the 1998 Document did not come in a divine vision as is claimed, but was instead self-authored on a concept, then all truths highlighted in the exhibits linked above, along with all truths highlighted in Additional Insights z1-z8, are subsequent coincidences of a man-made concept.  



This website is UnDeR CoNsTruCTiON.

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